Bane of my existance shawl… take four.

My current knitting work-in-progress is this Rose Garden Shawl:


Except I am knitting it up in this gorgeous watercolor-y Bamboo yarn from South West Trading Company:


I started this project in March of 2012 for my mom’s birthday in April. I was too stressed out to deal with it at that point (the husband was having heart surgery). Lace is no joke when you are ADD! After pulling it out twice and attempting to start once more, I finally set it aside to save my own sanity.

That is until recently…

After trying to figure out where I was in the pattern and failing, I finally ripped it out for what is hopefully the last time. I am already farther along on it than I had ever gotten before. I attribute this partly to the fact that I have grown a great deal as a knitter in the last year, and partly to my head being in a MUCH better headspace this year. Here’s hoping to have it done and blocked for Mother’s Day!

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